Rudi Khola-A Small Hydropower Project is developed by Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company Pvt. Ltd. Initially, this project was developed as 6.8MW RoR type of project and PPA was done accordingly. During Rudi-B development, the project layout concept has been revised adopted as tailrace project of Rudi-B with increased head and additional collection of Chhedewa and Rudi Khola to the headpond located near Rudi-B PH. Presently the project has been updated with an installed capacity of 8.8 MW with 276.89m net head and 3.72m3/sec design discharge at Q40%. It is located in Kaski District at Mijuredanda VDC but the headpond and collection schemes are located in Pasgaun VDCs of Lamjung district. Rudi khola is boarder of Lamjung and Kaski district. The geographical coordinate of the project area is located between Longitudes 84° 11' 00" E and 84° 13' 00" E and Latitudes 28° 13' 51" N and 28° 16' 20" N. The catchment area of Rudi above the collection intakes is 53.43m2 including all collection works from Chhedewa and Rudi from the left bank.

For Salient Features of Rudi Khola - A SHP(8.8MW)