Sita Acharya

Nepal, the Land of Himalayas well renowned for its water resources, where more than 6000 rivers and falls flow down from highs Himalaya through Mountain and Terai. However, Nepal has not yet been able to tap even one percent of potential electricity generation capacity in more than a century of hydropower development.

It is truly a great responsibility to lead Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company Ltd (BHDC), which is executing both the Rudi Khola- A (8.8 MW) and Rudi Khola- B (6.6 MW). We are committed for developing high quality environmental friendly hydropower projects  and in contributing to the growth of Renewable energy in Nepal’s power generation capacity.

Our mission is to generate clean energy, through well planned and executed hydro power projects, as we understand that this is the best solution to the growing energy demand of the country. We also believe in inclusive development and partnership with the local communities to generate employment and contribute to the society by developing basic infrastructure for them.

BHDC has good pool of highly qualified, skilled employees with in depth expertise in planning, designing, financing and executing hydroelectric projects and we continuously thrive to promote personal and professional development of our employees.

Mrs. Sita Acharya


Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company  Ltd.